3D-scanning drone

The project was created in collaboration with Texel inc. that develops 3D-scanners for scanning people.

Our fellows from Texel provided a module consisting of a Raspberry Pi and a PrimeSense 3D-sensor.

We provided a Clover 3 drone that's capable of autonomous flight and wrote a flight program.

To make it all work we conducted many tests, made changes in the drone's design and tuned the drone properly.



The project was made by:

  • Timofei Kondratiev [Copter Express] - drone assembly, writing and debugging the program, conducting tests;
  • Anton Maltsev [Copter Express] - modeling of the protection of the propellers;
  • Andrei Poskonin [Texel] - modifying the Texel's software to work on Raspberry Pi.

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