Autonomous Racing Drone: CHETAK

CopterHack-2023, team DJS PHOENIX.

Team Information

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We are the DJS Phoenix, the official drone team of Dwarkadas. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering

The list of team members:

  • Shubham Mehta, @Just_me_05, Mentor.
  • Harshal Warde, @kryptonisinert, Mechanical.
  • Parth Sawjiyani, @Non_Active, Mechanical.
  • Soham Dalvi, @devilsfootprint_1973, Mechanical.
  • Vedant Patel, @VedantMP, Mechanical.
  • Harsh Shah, @harssshhhhh, Mechanical.
  • Lisha Mehta, @lishamehta, Mechanical.
  • Shubh Pokarne, @Shubhpokarne, Electronics.
  • Tushar Nagda, @tushar_n11, Electronics.
  • Deep Tank, @Kraven, Electronics.
  • Khushi Sanghvi, @Cryptoknigghtt, Programmer.
  • Harshil Shah, @divine_fossil, Programmer.
  • Omkar Parab, @Omkar_parab21, Programmer.
  • Madhura Korgaonkar, @Madhura221, Programmer.
  • Shruti Shah, @Shrutishah22, Programmer.
  • Aditi Dubey, @aditi_0503, Marketing.
  • Krisha Lakhani, @krishalakhani, Marketing.

Project Description

This year, our team DJS Phoenix, presents to you a fully Autonomous Racing Drone. The drone scans for ArUco tags on the gates and passes through them.

Project Idea

This project proposes to develop an autonomous racing drone that can navigate through complex courses at high speeds while avoiding obstacles and detecting changes in the environment. In racing competitions, autonomous drones can compete in high-speed, precision races that challenge their agility, speed, and accuracy. These competitions could be held in indoor arenas or outdoor tracks, and they could attract enthusiasts and spectators from all over the world. With their advanced capabilities, autonomous racing drones could usher in a new era of racing events that are more exciting and challenging than ever before. From racing competitions to search and rescue operations, the autonomous racing drone can be used in a wide range of applications that benefit individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.

Potential Outcome


In many industries and applications, there is a need for fast, efficient, and safe movement of goods and information. Drones have become an increasingly popular tool for a wide range of applications, from aerial photography to surveying and monitoring. However, operating a drone requires a certain level of skill and experience, which can be a barrier for individuals or businesses who want to take advantage of this technology. Additionally, traditional drones can be expensive and time-consuming to operate, limiting their accessibility and effectiveness. Therefore, there is a need for a more user-friendly and affordable solution that can expand the use of drones to new audiences and applications.


The solution to the above problem statement is an autonomous racing drone. An autonomous racing drone is equipped with a camera that scans the ArUco tags for gate detection which is supported by software used in autonomous flights that enable it to navigate through a predetermined course while avoiding obstacles and achieving high speeds. Unlike traditional drones, an autonomous racing drone does not require manual control, making it an ideal solution for those who do not have the skills or experience to operate a drone.Its autonomous capabilities make it a more accessible and user-friendly solution than traditional drones, enabling individuals or businesses to take advantage of this technology without requiring extensive training or expertise.


Additional Information

In 2017, a student committee for DJS Phoenix was formed. In India, our team has participated in a number of contests, including IDRL-IIT GandhiNagar (sixth rank), IDRL-SVPCET Nagpur(second rank) and TECHNOXIAN (second place out of 50 national teams). In CopterHack-2021, our team participated, and we placed eighth internationally. We are back with improved concepts after learning from the previous season.

For more information checkout gitbook:

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