The following applies to image version 0.20 and up. See previous version of the article for older images.

By default the hostname of the Clover drone is set to clover-xxxx, where xxxx are random numbers. These numbers are the same as in the Wi-Fi SSID.

Thus, Clover is accessible on machines that support mDNS as clover-xxxx.local. You can use this name to access Clover over SSH:

ssh pi@clover-xxxx.local

Also, this name can be used in place of IP-address to open Clover web pages in browser, accessing ROS master, etc.

Changing hostname

In some situations it is necessary to change Clover's hostname. You can use the hostnamectl utility for that:

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname newname

Where newname is the new name of the machine. hostnamectl utility will change the name in /etc/hostname file.

You should also put the new name to /etc/hosts file:    newname newname.local

Setting newname.local is necessary to allow ROS to resolve this name in situations where all the network interfaces are down (when Wi-Fi is turned off or disconnected).

Changing the hostname does not affect the Wi-Fi SSID (and vice versa, changing the Wi-Fi SSID won't affect the hostname).

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