Migration to version 0.22

Python 3 transition

Python 2 is deprecated since January 1st, 2020. The Clover platform moves to Python 3.

For running flight script instead of python command:

python flight.py

use python3 command:

python3 flight.py

Python 3 has certain syntax differences in comparison with the old version. Instead of print operator:

print 'Clover is the best'  # this won't work

use print function:

print('Clover is the best')

The division operator operates floating points by default (instead of integer). Python 2:

>>> 10 / 4

Python 3:

>>> 10 / 4

For strings unicode type is used by default (instead of str type).

Encoding specification (# coding: utf8) is not necessary any more.

More details on all the language changes see in appropriate article.

Move to ROS Noetic

ROS Melodic version was updated to ROS Noetic. See the full list of changes in the ROS official documentation.

Changes in launch-files

Configuration of ArUco-markers navigation is simplified. See details in markers navigation and markers map navigation articles.

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