Connecting GPS

Upon connecting GPS, the following possibilities appear:

  • The copter can remain at the same point when flying outside
  • Autonomous missions may be programmed in the QGroundControl application
  • Flying may be performed by global points in standalone mode using the simple_offboard module.

Useful links:


The GPS module is connected to "GPS" and "I2C" (compass) connectors of the flight controller.

If GPS is connected, magnetometers are to be re-calibrated in the QGroundControl application via a Wi-Fi or USB connection.

Next, GPS is to be enabled in parameter EKF2_AID_MASK (when EKF2 is used) or LPE_FUSION (when LPE is used). When using LPE the weight of the magnetometer should be more 0 (ATT_W_MAG = 0.1).

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