Copter Hack 2017

On July 28 – 30, 2017, Copter Express held a hackathon named "Copter Hack 2017", where the objective was to program a Clover to dance-fly autonomously to random music.

The team "Pangolins" became the winners.

Video lectures are available at


Viewing video from the camera

To run on Raspberry:

rosrun web_video_server web_video_server

In the browser, open webpage http://<ip raspberry>:8080.

Attention: Video stream distribution greatly reduces the performance of marker recognition for the flight.


To change the SSID of distributed Wi-Fi you should change the SSID parameter in any way in file/etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf.

The list of recognized markers

rostopic echo /marker_data

Helpful articles

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